Vol. 1, No. 2


Guilherme Schroeter
for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet (Bb) , Basson and French Horn (F)

A gentle and moving piece by the Maestro, Guilherme Schroeter. What good fortune it is too hear such a splendid piece of music. What is it about this delicate piece which makes it seem so simple yet so refined?

Mr. Schroeter begins with a simple entry, but note how each instrument is introduced: a dramatic effect as the balance of the ensemble falls into perfect order. The opening phrase begins in the flute and finishes it in the clarinet, almost as if one is finishing the sentence of the other. Here is a fluid melody being shared between voices. And note the single note in bar 6, the hollow sonority of the clarinet as it gives the piece its first breath, before speaking again -- rising and falling carefree and sublime for a full 16 bars, before it is punctuated softly in bar 17. The transition which follows reveals but a glimpse of Schroeter's advanced conceptual abilities. The melody is then extended and developed amid delightful harmonic movement.

Through this piece we can appreciate genius without being required to understand genius.

Review from Kent Moore of Kalmor Publications, 2005

Score (pdf).

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